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A hamster with text, "vision."

The Poor Vision of Hamsters

People used to dogs and cats as pets may be baffled by the behavior of a hamster. All species of pet hamster may look different, but share a common problem - their poor vision. Don't let those big button eyes fool you. In comparison to...
hamster wet tail

Hamster Wet Tail: A Fatal Condition Affecting Newborn Hamsters

When searching for the perfect family pet addition to a home, there are often many discussions and disagreements between children and parents. For some homes, the traditional dog and cat ownership are far too mundane. Instead, many children opt to own exotic or unusual pets with hamster ownership...
Want a bunny? Read this.

Before You Buy that Bunny, Read This

Many people see adorable, fluffy rabbits hopping around in store windows around Easter and at the spur of the moment, buy one. Becoming a rabbit owner takes a lot of thought and consideration before one is purchased. A big concern before deciding to purchase a rabbit is the...
the best exotic pets - ferrets

The Best Exotic Pets: Ferrets, Piranhas, Falcons

There are two kinds of exotic pets. There's the "oh, look at me, I'm so rich I can afford to buy a chimp or an elephant or an albino crocodile" kind of exotic pet and then there's the "you know, I just really love animals and I want to go a little...
Cat laying inside an animal shelter.

What Do Animal Shelters Do?

Animal shelters are key to dealing with the pet overpopulation problem. In just 7 years, one cat and its offspring have the ability to produce over 400,000 kittens, so a combination of irresponsible pet ownership and uncontrolled breeding has resulted in the animal shelter system. Shelters...