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Ten Ways for Kids to Wish Homeless Pets a Happy Holiday

Don’t forget to include homeless pets on your gift list for the holidays. Why not show the kids in your family some good ways to give to shelter pets? Here are ten ideas to try.

13Oct2014 | Continued
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Are You Sabotaging Your Shelter’s Fundraising Efforts?

Do you ever wonder why you don’t see more revenue from your publicity or fundraising efforts? Are you adding new donor names to your database after each fundraising event? Are volunteers becoming donors and helping spread the word about your shelter or rescue? If not, maybe you’re sabotaging yourself. Use this checklist as a starting point to evaluate ways you can improve.

7May2012 | Continued
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Offsite Adoptions: Ten Point Checklist for Volunteers

Offsite adoption events are widely used by many shelters and rescues to increase homeless pet adoptions. Many animal lovers don’t like to go to animal shelters. And, you can often reach many more people even though it does require more planning and effort on your part. Volunteers for these or any events may become donors and / or spread the word about your group to their friends. Make sure each volunteer feels his / her time was well spent making a worthy contribution for homeless pets. Here are ten ideas for working more effectively with volunteers at offsite adoption events.

5Jan2011 | Continued
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Four Ideas for Finding Volunteers to Help Homeless Pets

Are you looking for new volunteers to work at your shelter, to participate in fundraising events, to offer professional services, or to serve on an advisory board? What about targeting specific groups of people rather than individuals? Many groups are already established in your community based on common interests, marital status, age, etc. Reach out to these groups to be your partners in reducing the number of homeless pets in your area.

(1) Military personnel — Young soldiers can be a part of something they enjoy and know they’re making a contribution.

8Dec2010 | Continued
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Seventy Holiday Ideas to Help Homeless Pets

As the holiday season approaches, take advantage of Animal Shelter Tips website articles and blog posts about holiday fundraising, involving kids, working with other nonprofits, improving your website and more. Following is a list of eight articles and posts with over seventy ideas you can use this holiday season. You’ll find ideas for animal shelters and rescues as well as animal loving families.

12Oct2010 | Continued
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Seven Ways to Prevent Pets from Becoming Homeless

How often do you read a homeless pet story that could have been prevented? Here are some ideas for animal shelters and animal lovers to help prevent pets from losing their homes.

Pet owners should carefully screen the boarding facilities or kennels they use for their pets. I’ve seen several situations in our area where dogs escaped while being boarded. This has happened several times at one kennel in particular. Here in NM animal boarding facilities have little regulation, so it’s “buyer beware.”

Don’t depend on others to research your new address.

28Jul2010 | Continued
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Are Volunteers the Biggest Donors to Your Animal Shelter or Rescue?

Volunteers donate 50% more than non-volunteers according to a study several years ago. Is this true for your animal rescue or shelter?

A few weeks ago I volunteered to work at an animal group’s event. We’ve donated to this group for several years. I won’t donate or volunteer anytime soon. I was very turned off by what I saw and question how our donations are being spent. At this event I saw:

21Jul2010 | Continued
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How to Make a Dog Walk Successful

Are you planning a dog walk this spring? How do you transform a ho-hum dog walk attended by a small group of your donors to a much loved annual community tradition which raises hundreds of thousands of dollars?

One of the largest dog walks in the US is the Furry Scurry sponsored by Denver, Colorado’s Dumb Friends League. Families, friends and co-workers join for a morning of fun with their best friends to raise money for the 25,000 homeless pets served by the DFL. The DFL has grown this event to 10,000 participants. The fundraising goal this year is $1,000,000.

23Mar2010 | Continued