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Four Ideas for Finding Volunteers to Help Homeless Pets

Are you looking for new volunteers to work at your shelter, to participate in fundraising events, to offer professional services, or to serve on an advisory board? What about targeting specific groups of people rather than individuals? Many groups are already established in your community based on common interests, marital status, age, etc. Reach out to these groups to be your partners in reducing the number of homeless pets in your area.

(1) Military personnel — Young soldiers can be a part of something they enjoy and know they’re making a contribution.

8Dec2010 | Continued
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Three Grants to Help Pets

Check out these three grants for your shelter and the pets in your community.

American Humane is partnering with HomeAgain® to offer American Humane/HomeAgain Universal WorldScan™ grants to shelters that are members of both American Humane and HomeAgain.

24Jun2010 | Continued
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Help Seniors Adopt and Keep Their Pets with These Grants and Ideas

It’s heartbreaking to visit a shelter or rescue group and see all the homeless pets given up by seniors who can no longer afford them. Or sometimes they’re given up because the owners are moving to assisted living or a nursing home and no one in the family will take their pets. And, think of all the pets who need a home but seniors can’t adopt due to lack of funds. Following are some grants and ideas to help seniors adopt as well as keep their pets.

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Help Senior Citizens Keep Their Pets

Animal shelters are filled with pets given up because their senior humans are going to nursing homes, assisted living, hospice or just can’t afford them. What can animal lovers, rescues and shelters do to help prevent these seniors from surrendering their pets? Following are some ideas for animal shelters and animal loving families.

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