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Helping Special Needs Homeless Pets

Special needs homeless pets often need special help in finding homes. Blind dogs, diabetic cats, senior citizen pets, the pets of homebound humans, three legged pets — these pets need a special person to take them home. There are many groups and services to help these pets with grants, temporary homes, sanctuaries, short term services, etc.

20Feb2013 | Continued
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Find More Donors with an Open House

Have you tried an open house as a way to introduce animal lovers in your community to your animal shelter? Open houses can be done with minimum effort. Animal lovers who have never donated may attend and become donors. Current donors may donate even more once they see you are spending dollars wisely and taking good care of your resident pets. Eight tips for making your open house successful:

13May2010 | Continued
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Last Minute Holiday Ideas for Animal Shelters

Do you have a serious budget deficit? Or do you have a special needs pet who needs medical care or a foster family? Is your pet food bank nearly empty? Use these low cost and easy to implement ideas to make a big difference in the lives of homeless pets during this season of giving.

1Dec2009 | Continued
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Finding Homes for Older Homeless Pets

Older pets are often the last to be chosen. But anyone who has been owned by an older pet knows they have so much to give and teach us and should not be overlooked. Animal lovers can help their local shelter in finding homes for these pets, and don’t forget to involve your kids! Here are a few ideas to help these older guys and gals find their forever homes.

10Jul2009 | Continued