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Ten Ways for Kids to Wish Homeless Pets a Happy Holiday

Don’t forget to include homeless pets on your gift list for the holidays. Why not show the kids in your family some good ways to give to shelter pets? Here are ten ideas to try.

13Oct2014 | Continued
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Last Minute Holiday Fundraisers for Animal Shelters You Can Plan Right Now

Do you have at least one fundraiser planned for the holidays? If you don’t, there’s still time to raise funds for homeless pets. Consider partnering with planned holiday activities in your town. Try to include kids whenever you can using some of these ideas.

7Nov2013 | Continued
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Eight Holiday Ideas for Animal Lovers to Help Homeless Pets

Here are eight ideas for animal lovers and their families to help homeless pets this holiday season. (1) Offer to set up or add to the advertising budget for your local shelter. This is the first item to be cut from many cash strapped budgets. (2) Tell your friends and families to donate to your local animal shelter or rescue instead of a gift. Provide the specific link to your shelter’s website donation page. (3) Offer to provide the refreshments for holiday open houses at your local shelter or events that benefit the shelter. For example, if offsite adoption events are held during the holiday season, offer to provide cookies and punch. If you have kids at home, involve them in the preparations.

10Nov2010 | Continued
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Seventy Holiday Ideas to Help Homeless Pets

As the holiday season approaches, take advantage of Animal Shelter Tips website articles and blog posts about holiday fundraising, involving kids, working with other nonprofits, improving your website and more. Following is a list of eight articles and posts with over seventy ideas you can use this holiday season. You’ll find ideas for animal shelters and rescues as well as animal loving families.

12Oct2010 | Continued
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Last Minute Holiday Ideas for Animal Shelters

Do you have a serious budget deficit? Or do you have a special needs pet who needs medical care or a foster family? Is your pet food bank nearly empty? Use these low cost and easy to implement ideas to make a big difference in the lives of homeless pets during this season of giving.

1Dec2009 | Continued
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Ten Holiday Gifts to Help Homeless Pets

It’s time to buy holiday gifts and send greetings for 2010. You can buy gifts and help homeless pets at the same time. Following are some ways you and your family can help animal shelters and rescue groups during the holiday season.

18Nov2009 | Continued
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Holiday Checklist to Help Homeless Pets

With the holidays just around the corner, take advantage of this season of giving to help homeless pets find their forever homes. Following are some ideas you can use to raise money for your animal shelter or rescue, find more homes for homeless animals, and involve kids in helping the pets in your community.

21Oct2009 | Continued
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Holiday Adoption and Fundraising Ideas for Homeless Pets

Animal shelters, animal rescues and animal lovers should start planning now the holiday rundraising and adoption activities for homeless pets. Following is a list of things you can do right now to get ready for holiday events. Think of ways to include families, kids and singles in establishing holiday traditions that can be repeated in years to come.

9Sep2009 | Continued