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Helping Special Needs Homeless Pets

Special needs homeless pets often need special help in finding homes. Blind dogs, diabetic cats, senior citizen pets, the pets of homebound humans, three legged pets — these pets need a special person to take them home. There are many groups and services to help these pets with grants, temporary homes, sanctuaries, short term services, etc.

20Feb2013 | Continued
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Three Animal Shelter Grant Ideas

Grants are still available to animal shelters, although not nearly as many as we’d like to see. Following are three opportunities you can check out. Be sure to read the rules carefully before you submit a grant application and complete the application as soon as possible if your shelter qualifies.

31Jul2012 | Continued
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Five Grants to Help Homeless and Needy Pets

Is your animal shelter or rescue group looking for additional cash to start new programs for homeless pets or help needy pets in your area? Check these five foundations and charities for grant opportunities. Some are large and well known but they often make grants to smaller organizations.

12Feb2012 | Continued
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Looking for an Animal Shelter Grant? Check These Five Charities

Have you started researching grant possibilities for the new year? Following are five foundations and charities you should check out. If you qualify for any of these, assign someone at your shelter or rescue the task of applying within the specified timeframes and guidelines.

23Dec2011 | Continued
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Using Statistics to Help Homeless Pets

Using statistics in your fundraising appeals and grant applications could make a big difference in your results. Very specific facts and figures concerning the status of homeless pets in your area, what your shelter or rescue has accomplished in the past, and what your goals are may generate more funds for your shelter. Make your appeals more powerful using the following ideas.

5Oct2011 | Continued
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Finding Grants for Homeless Pets When Money Is Scarce

Finding grants to help homeless pets is a challenge as you’ve no doubt discovered in the last couple of years. Many grantors have posted notices that they’re not taking applications at this time. However, don’t forget to continue checking the larger groups which are still offering grants. They’re still helping homeless pets in both large and small communities.

17Aug2011 | Continued
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Ten Fundraisers for Small Businesses to Help Homeless Pets

Are you following Animal Shelter Tips on Facebook? If you are, you probably read about the yoga studio which offered a free yoga class in exchange for donations or supplies for a local shelter. The studio raised $200 and badly needed supplies. Any small business can be a fundraising partner. Here are ten types of small businesses you could approach in any size community to help homeless pets. You can also find many ideas by looking through your town’s yellow pages. Classes are a good way to raise funds since several people attend for a short investment of time by the business.

14Jun2011 | Continued
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Ideas for Setting Up Matching Grants

Have you ever tried a challenge grant to raise money for your shelter or rescue? Many nonprofits find these grants to be a very effective way to generate funds. A challenge or matching grant typically matches funds dollar for dollar up to a certain amount for donations received. Here are some ideas for setting up a matching grant to benefit your shelter.

Develop a list of donors you can approach from time to time about offering a matching grant. Analyze past donations and ask your board and friends group for ideas. Try not to overdo it with any one individual. You can work with one donor or a group of donors for a matching grant.

2Mar2011 | Continued