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Eight Holiday Ideas for Animal Lovers to Help Homeless Pets

Here are eight ideas for animal lovers and their families to help homeless pets this holiday season. (1) Offer to set up or add to the advertising budget for your local shelter. This is the first item to be cut from many cash strapped budgets. (2) Tell your friends and families to donate to your local animal shelter or rescue instead of a gift. Provide the specific link to your shelter’s website donation page. (3) Offer to provide the refreshments for holiday open houses at your local shelter or events that benefit the shelter. For example, if offsite adoption events are held during the holiday season, offer to provide cookies and punch. If you have kids at home, involve them in the preparations.

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How to Make a Dog Walk Successful

Are you planning a dog walk this spring? How do you transform a ho-hum dog walk attended by a small group of your donors to a much loved annual community tradition which raises hundreds of thousands of dollars?

One of the largest dog walks in the US is the Furry Scurry sponsored by Denver, Colorado’s Dumb Friends League. Families, friends and co-workers join for a morning of fun with their best friends to raise money for the 25,000 homeless pets served by the DFL. The DFL has grown this event to 10,000 participants. The fundraising goal this year is $1,000,000.

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Ten Holiday Gifts to Help Homeless Pets

It’s time to buy holiday gifts and send greetings for 2010. You can buy gifts and help homeless pets at the same time. Following are some ways you and your family can help animal shelters and rescue groups during the holiday season.

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Holiday Adoption and Fundraising Ideas for Homeless Pets

Animal shelters, animal rescues and animal lovers should start planning now the holiday rundraising and adoption activities for homeless pets. Following is a list of things you can do right now to get ready for holiday events. Think of ways to include families, kids and singles in establishing holiday traditions that can be repeated in years to come.

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How Kids Can Increase Black Pet Adoptions

Statistics show that black dogs and cats are often the last to be adopted and in many shelters are euthanized more frequently. Kids can become black pet ambassadors. They can develop activities specifically for black pet adoption at school, church, the local shelter, kids’ sports’ teams, etc. Examples could include the following:

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Special Memories of a “Less Adoptable” Pet

Black cats are often passed over at shelters. We’re so glad we had the pleasure of sharing two great years with Zia, a darling black cat we adopted as a tiny kitten through the local shelter. The ideas for increasing black pet adoption are written in honor and memory of that adorable and loving companion. You were such a treasure, Zia.

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Transporting Homeless Pets to Forever Homes

Transporting adoptable pets to another state or part of the country is an excellent way to find homes for these pets. There are many groups that organize and provide transportation to areas which need adoptable pets. Some areas have city and county laws which require pets to be spayed and neutered, which dramatically reduces the pet population. For example, parts of Colorado have a shortage of adoptable pets. Check out the following resources to see if you can work with them to help find homes for the homeless pets in your area.

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Help Senior Citizens Keep Their Pets

Animal shelters are filled with pets given up because their senior humans are going to nursing homes, assisted living, hospice or just can’t afford them. What can animal lovers, rescues and shelters do to help prevent these seniors from surrendering their pets? Following are some ideas for animal shelters and animal loving families.

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