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Increase Adoptions Using Online Shelter or Rescue Directories

If someone tries to find an adoptable pet in her community, would your shelter or rescue be listed in the many directories that list adoptable pets? To increase your chances of being found, list your shelter or rescue in as many online directories as possible. Think about the many ways your shelter or rescue could be categorized: by state, breed, no kill, special needs, or seniors, including the following ideas.

17May2011 | Continued
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Seventy Holiday Ideas to Help Homeless Pets

As the holiday season approaches, take advantage of Animal Shelter Tips website articles and blog posts about holiday fundraising, involving kids, working with other nonprofits, improving your website and more. Following is a list of eight articles and posts with over seventy ideas you can use this holiday season. You’ll find ideas for animal shelters and rescues as well as animal loving families.

12Oct2010 | Continued
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How to Say More than Just Thank You to Your Donors

Does your animal shelter or rescue get the most you can from your thank you notes to donors? We just received a thank you letter for a donation we sent to a no kill shelter in response to a challenge grant. Each note from this shelter skillfully includes several features to convince donors that donations are well spent while asking for more donations and the opportunity to stay in touch. Their thank you on a legal size sheet of paper includes:

— A tear off form requesting “Another Gift to Help Animals in Need” with a return envelope included.

— Suggestion to ask employers if they match or even double their employees’ contributions.

10Aug2010 | Continued
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Are Volunteers the Biggest Donors to Your Animal Shelter or Rescue?

Volunteers donate 50% more than non-volunteers according to a study several years ago. Is this true for your animal rescue or shelter?

A few weeks ago I volunteered to work at an animal group’s event. We’ve donated to this group for several years. I won’t donate or volunteer anytime soon. I was very turned off by what I saw and question how our donations are being spent. At this event I saw:

21Jul2010 | Continued
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Easy Ways to Increase the Size of Cash Donations

Increasing the size of your cash donations by even 10% could be the difference between life and death for some of your homeless pets. Try generating more dollars with these ideas.

Challenge grants in which a large donor agrees to match every dollar donation up to a certain amount can be extremely effective. Here in New Mexico a charitable trust and foundation agreed to match each dollar donation to the Equine Protection Fundup up to $10,000. When donors understand their money may be doubled, they tend to respond. Be specific if there’s a time limit on the challenge grant and mention the foundation or trust making the offer.

14Apr2010 | Continued