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Helping Special Needs Homeless Pets

Special needs homeless pets often need special help in finding homes. Blind dogs, diabetic cats, senior citizen pets, the pets of homebound humans, three legged pets — these pets need a special person to take them home. There are many groups and services to help these pets with grants, temporary homes, sanctuaries, short term services, etc.

20Feb2013 | Continued
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Twenty Ways for Animal Shelter Pets to Say “Take Me Home”

Homeless pets are just as smart and desirable as those purchased from a breeder. So why do so many potential adopters assume otherwise? I’ve seen donors to animal shelters purchase a pet rather than adopt one of our homeless friends. Educating the public that these pets are not second class citizens is so important to increase the adoption rate. Maybe telling a story of how your shelter pets became homeless would help. Here are some ideas for their profiles on your website or advertising copy in your local newspaper.

15Dec2012 | Continued
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Homeless Dogs as Heroes — Eight Ideas

Have you noticed the many ways homeless dogs become heroes? So many of these dogs become more than great pets. They change lives. Research your region to find groups which recruit dogs from rescues or shelters to train them to become someone’s hero. Often these groups are not well known and operate on a very small budget. Here are eight ideas:

19Sep2012 | Continued
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Increase Adoptions Using Online Shelter or Rescue Directories

If someone tries to find an adoptable pet in her community, would your shelter or rescue be listed in the many directories that list adoptable pets? To increase your chances of being found, list your shelter or rescue in as many online directories as possible. Think about the many ways your shelter or rescue could be categorized: by state, breed, no kill, special needs, or seniors, including the following ideas.

17May2011 | Continued
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Lessons Learned from Our Latest Adoption

The latest addition to our family is a wonderful black cat adopted from a local shelter in late December. Meet Java. He’s already buddies with Pepper, our black and white cat. Now Foxy, our senior girl, can get some rest while the two boys play.

Since I publish this blog about animal shelter tips, of course I couldn’t keep from noticing a few tips that could have made Java’s adoption go a bit smoother. This shelter, as everyone else, is very understaffed and struggling with finances. However, these pointers would not take much effort on their part and could provide a smoother transition to the adopting family.

3Feb2011 | Continued
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Fourteen Ways Homeless Pets Can Say I Love You for Valentines Day

As Valentine’s Day approaches, use the Valentine’s theme of love and companionship in your print adoption ads, your website, flyers, newsletters, and anywhere you show photos of adoptable homeless pets. Here are fourteen captions to use with your pets’ photos.

20Jan2011 | Continued
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Offsite Adoptions: Ten Point Checklist for Volunteers

Offsite adoption events are widely used by many shelters and rescues to increase homeless pet adoptions. Many animal lovers don’t like to go to animal shelters. And, you can often reach many more people even though it does require more planning and effort on your part. Volunteers for these or any events may become donors and / or spread the word about your group to their friends. Make sure each volunteer feels his / her time was well spent making a worthy contribution for homeless pets. Here are ten ideas for working more effectively with volunteers at offsite adoption events.

5Jan2011 | Continued
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Eight Holiday Ideas for Animal Lovers to Help Homeless Pets

Here are eight ideas for animal lovers and their families to help homeless pets this holiday season. (1) Offer to set up or add to the advertising budget for your local shelter. This is the first item to be cut from many cash strapped budgets. (2) Tell your friends and families to donate to your local animal shelter or rescue instead of a gift. Provide the specific link to your shelter’s website donation page. (3) Offer to provide the refreshments for holiday open houses at your local shelter or events that benefit the shelter. For example, if offsite adoption events are held during the holiday season, offer to provide cookies and punch. If you have kids at home, involve them in the preparations.

10Nov2010 | Continued