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Ideas for Producing Videos that Find Homes for Homeless Pets

Are your online videos as effective as they could be? YouTube videos have become a standard on many websites, blogs and Facebook pages. Many could be much more effective in spreading awareness, generating funds, and attracting volunteers. Here are some ideas for making the most of your videos to help homeless pets at your shelter or rescue.

4Mar2012 | Continued
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Five Grants to Help Homeless and Needy Pets

Is your animal shelter or rescue group looking for additional cash to start new programs for homeless pets or help needy pets in your area? Check these five foundations and charities for grant opportunities. Some are large and well known but they often make grants to smaller organizations.

12Feb2012 | Continued
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Looking for an Animal Shelter Grant? Check These Five Charities

Have you started researching grant possibilities for the new year? Following are five foundations and charities you should check out. If you qualify for any of these, assign someone at your shelter or rescue the task of applying within the specified timeframes and guidelines.

23Dec2011 | Continued
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Banish Politics from Your Animal Shelter

Do shelter politics get in the way of saving the lives of homeless pets? Sometimes I get email from newsletter “unsubscribers” who answer the “why” question saying they no longer volunteer at the shelter due to politics, rude and / or unfriendly people, “don’t fit in,” etc. What a shame to lose volunteers who are interested enough to seek out information to help their shelters. From my own volunteering I know that many nonprofit organizations are filled with politics or managers with poor social and people skills. Evaluate your shelter on the questions below. Be honest! Try to weed out situations that may be preventing your group from being as successful as it could be.

23Oct2011 | Continued
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Using Statistics to Help Homeless Pets

Using statistics in your fundraising appeals and grant applications could make a big difference in your results. Very specific facts and figures concerning the status of homeless pets in your area, what your shelter or rescue has accomplished in the past, and what your goals are may generate more funds for your shelter. Make your appeals more powerful using the following ideas.

5Oct2011 | Continued
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Finding Grants for Homeless Pets When Money Is Scarce

Finding grants to help homeless pets is a challenge as you’ve no doubt discovered in the last couple of years. Many grantors have posted notices that they’re not taking applications at this time. However, don’t forget to continue checking the larger groups which are still offering grants. They’re still helping homeless pets in both large and small communities.

17Aug2011 | Continued
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Creative and Easy to Organize Fundraisers to Help Homeless Pets

As the summer progresses and many nonprofits schedule fundraising events in your community, take note of the events they sponsor. You may find some new ideas to use in fundraising for homeless pets. Keep a file of events that appeal to you and think of ways you can tweak those events to work for your group.

Kitchen Angels here in Santa Fe have listed twelve 2011 Adventures a la Carte in their summer fundraising initiative. Some of these adventures are limited to small groups, cost $75 to $150 per person and are not readily available to the general public. Here are a few of their adventures:

30Jul2011 | Continued
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Ten Fundraisers for Small Businesses to Help Homeless Pets

Are you following Animal Shelter Tips on Facebook? If you are, you probably read about the yoga studio which offered a free yoga class in exchange for donations or supplies for a local shelter. The studio raised $200 and badly needed supplies. Any small business can be a fundraising partner. Here are ten types of small businesses you could approach in any size community to help homeless pets. You can also find many ideas by looking through your town’s yellow pages. Classes are a good way to raise funds since several people attend for a short investment of time by the business.

14Jun2011 | Continued