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Seven Ways to Prevent Pets from Becoming Homeless

How often do you read a homeless pet story that could have been prevented? Here are some ideas for animal shelters and animal lovers to help prevent pets from losing their homes.

Pet owners should carefully screen the boarding facilities or kennels they use for their pets. I’ve seen several situations in our area where dogs escaped while being boarded. This has happened several times at one kennel in particular. Here in NM animal boarding facilities have little regulation, so it’s “buyer beware.”

Don’t depend on others to research your new address.

28Jul2010 | Continued
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Take Advantage of the Recession: Empty Storefronts and Underemployed Professionals Can Help Homeless Pets

As the recession drags on, animal shelters and rescues are looking for new fundraising and adoption ideas. But you can take advantage of the recession to help homeless pets. Here are a few ideas on ways to do this using empty storefronts and underemployed professionals.

13Jan2010 | Continued