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Ten Ways for Kids to Wish Homeless Pets a Happy Holiday

Don’t forget to include homeless pets on your gift list for the holidays. Why not show the kids in your family some good ways to give to shelter pets? Here are ten ideas to try.

13Oct2014 | Continued
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Ten Ways Kids Can Use Facebook to Help Homeless Pets

Most teenagers spend a good part of their days using Facebook and texting their friends. Take advantage of these social networking skills by asking animal loving teenagers to help homeless pets. These volunteers can contribute to the shelter’s Facebook page or set up their own page for pets using these ten ideas.

10Jun2010 | Continued
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Holiday Checklist to Help Homeless Pets

With the holidays just around the corner, take advantage of this season of giving to help homeless pets find their forever homes. Following are some ideas you can use to raise money for your animal shelter or rescue, find more homes for homeless animals, and involve kids in helping the pets in your community.

21Oct2009 | Continued
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Earn a Cash Grant for Your Animal Shelter or Rescue

You can help your animal shelter or rescue win cash grants just by voting in the Shelter Challenge sponsored by the Animal Rescue Site and This contest runs until December 20th. Continue reading for the details of the program and ways you can ask your community to vote.

6Oct2009 | Continued
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Holiday Adoption and Fundraising Ideas for Homeless Pets

Animal shelters, animal rescues and animal lovers should start planning now the holiday rundraising and adoption activities for homeless pets. Following is a list of things you can do right now to get ready for holiday events. Think of ways to include families, kids and singles in establishing holiday traditions that can be repeated in years to come.

9Sep2009 | Continued
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Eight Ways Kids Can Use Computer Skills to Help Homeless Pets and Animal Shelters

Involving kids at the local animal shelter or animal rescue group by using their computer skills can provide enormous help to the shelter and be a great way for kids to volunteer. Shelters can post these volunteer needs on their website. Following are eight ideas kids can use to help their sweet animal friends.

24Jun2009 | Continued