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Find a Community Grant for Your Animal Shelter or Rescue

Finding a grant for your animal shelter or rescue group could provide a valuable financial boost when your donations are down. Community foundations may offer a source of funding you haven’t tapped into. Find a list of foundations in your area on the Council on Foundations website.

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Plan Ahead to Pay for Pet Medical Emergencies

How sad that so many pet owners surrender their pets because they can’t afford medical care for them. I recently heard of a couple who took their dog to our emergency vet clinic after he was severely cut by fencing on their property. They couldn’t afford to pay the bill and surrendered him to the clinic. A kind soul who worked there called a small animal rescue group who quickly stepped in and raised funds for the two surgeries needed. Planning ahead on how to handle these medical emergencies can help reduce the number of pets who become homeless or euthanized due to lack of medical funding. Here are a few more sources of financial assistance for medical treatment.

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Medical Grants for Homeless Pets and Pets in Need

Homeless pets often have medical needs which are too costly for animal shelters or rescue groups to pay for without the help of generous veterinarians in your community. Following is a listing of grants whose mission is to help pay for medical needs of homeless pets and pets whose owners can’t afford their care.

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Five Grants For Animal Shelter and Rescue Funding

Following are five funds and foundations offering grants for animal shelters and rescue groups. Please refer to more posts and website articles at the bottom of the page for many more grant sources.

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Find Grants for Animal Shelters and Rescues in 2010

As 2009 draws to a close, many foundations and charitable groups will be posting guidelines for 2010 grants on their websites. Make time to research now any grants your animal rescue shelter may qualify for and be ready to submit your applications after the first of the year. Following is a list of animal welfare grants.

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Earn a Cash Grant for Your Animal Shelter or Rescue

You can help your animal shelter or rescue win cash grants just by voting in the Shelter Challenge sponsored by the Animal Rescue Site and This contest runs until December 20th. Continue reading for the details of the program and ways you can ask your community to vote.

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Finding Grants for Animal Shelters and Rescue Groups

Grants to help homeless pets and animal shelters could be a great financial boost. Following are more grant sources for animal shelters. Also link to previous grant articles at the bottom of this post. Be sure to carefully read the stated mission of grantors, their requirements, time frames, etc., before taking time to complete any paperwork. Submit the paperwork as soon as you can.

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Finding Grants and Funding from Local Sources and Foundations

Competition for grants for animal shelters from large groups such as PetSmart Charities, Maddie’s Fund, etc. is fierce. You may find more opportunities by tapping into funding from local charities, family and corporate foundations, and local fundraising events.

Following are some examples of foundations serving local communities to give you ideas on how these work. Start noticing the activities of any local foundations and charities in your community and how your shelter might become one of their beneficiaries.

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