two cats in love

two cats in love

We’re Foxy and Sam, the two visionaries behind this blog.

We were homeless early in our lives. We know how hopeless that can feel, so we decided it was imperative that we share our tips for animal shelters and rescue groups.

Sam, the big and powerful orange and white tabby in these photos, was adopted from Operation Kindness in Carrollton, TX. Foxy, the delicate young blonde, wandered into our humans’ yard in the Colorado mountains. She had on a collar but no tag or ID. Our humans said ever who let her get away (could she have been deliberately put out?) were crazy to let such a sweetheart go. Their loss and our gain. We quickly became soul mates and best friends.

Our human mom worked in marketing “in another life” as she describes it. Using her marketing knowledge to write articles about helping homeless pets is her way of volunteering. As she says, we can all volunteer in some way.

In addition to this blog, we also have a website with lots of articles on fundraising, finding volunteers, finding grants, and more for animal shelters and for animal lovers who want to help homeless pets.