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Banish Politics from Your Animal Shelter

Do shelter politics get in the way of saving the lives of homeless pets? Sometimes I get email from newsletter “unsubscribers” who answer the “why” question saying they no longer volunteer at the shelter due to politics, rude and / or unfriendly people, “don’t fit in,” etc. What a shame to lose volunteers who are interested enough to seek out information to help their shelters. From my own volunteering I know that many nonprofit organizations are filled with politics or managers with poor social and people skills. Evaluate your shelter on the questions below. Be honest! Try to weed out situations that may be preventing your group from being as successful as it could be.

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Using Statistics to Help Homeless Pets

Using statistics in your fundraising appeals and grant applications could make a big difference in your results. Very specific facts and figures concerning the status of homeless pets in your area, what your shelter or rescue has accomplished in the past, and what your goals are may generate more funds for your shelter. Make your appeals more powerful using the following ideas.

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