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Outdoor Fundraising Adventures to Help Homeless Pets

Consider how you could use the following outdoor adventures to raise funds for your shelter or rescue on a snowy day this winter. Partner with different purveyors of these activities and ask for a portion of their revenue on certain days.

Try individual or group lessons. Or what about a family or kids birthday party? Holiday family outings in a beautiful mountain environment make great memories. Helping homeless pets at the same time would make the day even more special. Adding a gourmet meal to an outdoor adventure in a beautiful setting would appeal to many potential donors. Consider offering these outdoor adventures as a holiday gift using a gift card.

Here’s a list of snow related outdoor activities. What else is available in your area?

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Ten Fundraising Ideas for Dogs with Homes to Help Homeless Dogs

Dogs with homes can help raise funds for homeless dogs. It’s a great way for owners to meet other dog owners and take dogs out for a social experience. You can generate revenue in many ways, including entry fees, asking companies to sponsor the event, awarding cash prizes with proceeds awarded to animal shelters or rescues, etc. Include categories of prizes to include several winners. Good ways to find ideas in your community are checking events at state fairs, pet or dog magazines, newspaper pet sections, etc. You can have special events just for fundraising or ask for a portion of the revenue for an already scheduled event. Here are ten fundraising ideas you can try:

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Find a Fundraising Partner to Help Homeless Pets

Have you planned any fall fundraisers? Find fundraising partners with other nonprofits or local businesses to reach more potential donors in your community. Homeless pets can help say thank you for the donations with postcards. Here are some ideas you might try.

Partner with a pet friendly hotel(s) in your area this fall to be a major sponsor and supporter of your shelter on a continuing basis.

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