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Seven Fundraising Ideas for Kids to Help Homeless Pets

Animal loving kids can provide the energy and ideas to supplement your fundraising events to help homeless pets. If you don’t have a kids’ board of directors, organize one. Work with them on their ideas on the best ways to involve kids in your community. Here are a few ideas for kids plus links to more kid related articles.

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Find a Community Grant for Your Animal Shelter or Rescue

Finding a grant for your animal shelter or rescue group could provide a valuable financial boost when your donations are down. Community foundations may offer a source of funding you haven’t tapped into. Find a list of foundations in your area on the Council on Foundations website.

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Easy Ways to Increase the Size of Cash Donations

Increasing the size of your cash donations by even 10% could be the difference between life and death for some of your homeless pets. Try generating more dollars with these ideas.

Challenge grants in which a large donor agrees to match every dollar donation up to a certain amount can be extremely effective. Here in New Mexico a charitable trust and foundation agreed to match each dollar donation to the Equine Protection Fundup up to $10,000. When donors understand their money may be doubled, they tend to respond. Be specific if there’s a time limit on the challenge grant and mention the foundation or trust making the offer.

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Plan Ahead to Pay for Pet Medical Emergencies

How sad that so many pet owners surrender their pets because they can’t afford medical care for them. I recently heard of a couple who took their dog to our emergency vet clinic after he was severely cut by fencing on their property. They couldn’t afford to pay the bill and surrendered him to the clinic. A kind soul who worked there called a small animal rescue group who quickly stepped in and raised funds for the two surgeries needed. Planning ahead on how to handle these medical emergencies can help reduce the number of pets who become homeless or euthanized due to lack of medical funding. Here are a few more sources of financial assistance for medical treatment.

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