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Help Seniors Adopt and Keep Their Pets with These Grants and Ideas

It’s heartbreaking to visit a shelter or rescue group and see all the homeless pets given up by seniors who can no longer afford them. Or sometimes they’re given up because the owners are moving to assisted living or a nursing home and no one in the family will take their pets. And, think of all the pets who need a home but seniors can’t adopt due to lack of funds. Following are some grants and ideas to help seniors adopt as well as keep their pets.

23Feb2010 | Continued
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Medical Grants for Homeless Pets and Pets in Need

Homeless pets often have medical needs which are too costly for animal shelters or rescue groups to pay for without the help of generous veterinarians in your community. Following is a listing of grants whose mission is to help pay for medical needs of homeless pets and pets whose owners can’t afford their care.

9Feb2010 | Continued
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Adoption Ideas for Homeless Pets

Finding homes for the thousands of homeless pets requires many approaches. Think of ways you can reach more potential pet parents beyond shelter adoptions and offsite adoption events at pet stores. How could you cast a wider net to reach more families you haven’t reached in the past? Here are a few ideas you could try.

4Feb2010 | Continued