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Holiday Checklist to Help Homeless Pets

With the holidays just around the corner, take advantage of this season of giving to help homeless pets find their forever homes. Following are some ideas you can use to raise money for your animal shelter or rescue, find more homes for homeless animals, and involve kids in helping the pets in your community.

21Oct2009 | Continued
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List Your Shelter or Rescue in Online Guides and Directories

Increase the chances of donors or potential pet owners finding your animal shelter or rescue group online. Get listed on as many animal rescue and animal shelter directories as possible. Also list your shelter or rescue in any breed specific guides if your group specializes in a specific type of rescue, such as a small dog rescue. Animal loving kids can help their local shelters get listed in these directories.

20Oct2009 | Continued
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Increase Dollar Donations from Donor Requests

Are you maximizing your time and expense when you ask for donations to your animal shelter or rescue? Do you know why one donor request works better than another? Who donates the most?

Should your letters be long or short? Email or print? Analyze the results of letters or email you send to better understand what works and what doesn’t. Be flexible and willing to change what’s not working and do more of what does work. Following are some ideas to generate more cash.

7Oct2009 | Continued
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Earn a Cash Grant for Your Animal Shelter or Rescue

You can help your animal shelter or rescue win cash grants just by voting in the Shelter Challenge sponsored by the Animal Rescue Site and This contest runs until December 20th. Continue reading for the details of the program and ways you can ask your community to vote.

6Oct2009 | Continued