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Ten Ways for Kids to Wish Homeless Pets a Happy Holiday

Don’t forget to include homeless pets on your gift list for the holidays. Why not show the kids in your family some good ways to give to shelter pets? Here are ten ideas to try.

13Oct2014 | Continued
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Last Minute Holiday Fundraisers for Animal Shelters You Can Plan Right Now

Do you have at least one fundraiser planned for the holidays? If you don’t, there’s still time to raise funds for homeless pets. Consider partnering with planned holiday activities in your town. Try to include kids whenever you can using some of these ideas.

7Nov2013 | Continued
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Develop a Fundraising Database in Seven Days

I notice many lost opportunities when animal shelters and rescues don’t take advantage of the many ways they can develop a responsive donor database. Take every opportunity to gather the names of people who have expressed interest in your organization and mission. Set a goal to implement one of these seven simple solutions every day for seven days and you’ll find your donor list growing.

13May2013 | Continued
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Helping Special Needs Homeless Pets

Special needs homeless pets often need special help in finding homes. Blind dogs, diabetic cats, senior citizen pets, the pets of homebound humans, three legged pets — these pets need a special person to take them home. There are many groups and services to help these pets with grants, temporary homes, sanctuaries, short term services, etc.

20Feb2013 | Continued
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Twenty Ways for Animal Shelter Pets to Say “Take Me Home”

Homeless pets are just as smart and desirable as those purchased from a breeder. So why do so many potential adopters assume otherwise? I’ve seen donors to animal shelters purchase a pet rather than adopt one of our homeless friends. Educating the public that these pets are not second class citizens is so important to increase the adoption rate. Maybe telling a story of how your shelter pets became homeless would help. Here are some ideas for their profiles on your website or advertising copy in your local newspaper.

15Dec2012 | Continued
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Homeless Dogs as Heroes — Eight Ideas

Have you noticed the many ways homeless dogs become heroes? So many of these dogs become more than great pets. They change lives. Research your region to find groups which recruit dogs from rescues or shelters to train them to become someone’s hero. Often these groups are not well known and operate on a very small budget. Here are eight ideas:

19Sep2012 | Continued
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Three Animal Shelter Grant Ideas

Grants are still available to animal shelters, although not nearly as many as we’d like to see. Following are three opportunities you can check out. Be sure to read the rules carefully before you submit a grant application and complete the application as soon as possible if your shelter qualifies.

31Jul2012 | Continued
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Are You Sabotaging Your Shelter’s Fundraising Efforts?

Do you ever wonder why you don’t see more revenue from your publicity or fundraising efforts? Are you adding new donor names to your database after each fundraising event? Are volunteers becoming donors and helping spread the word about your shelter or rescue? If not, maybe you’re sabotaging yourself. Use this checklist as a starting point to evaluate ways you can improve.

7May2012 | Continued